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    Image field issues in Adobe LiveCycle Designer

      Hello All,
      When I create an image field in Adobe Designer (I'm creating some interactive forms), the field does not end up being the exact size I specify. It is very important to me that the end size be precise, but Designer seems to allow some border instead of filling the extents I have specified. In other words, the image someone inserts into the image field ends up being a little smaller than it should be. This is very frustrating, and I have to try to compensate for this glitch by specifying image field dimensions that are larger than what I want. (This is not a problem of my not specifying scale to fit, or stretch to fit; when I do this, the image is still too small.)

      Another question I have is this: Why doesn't Adobe allow vector graphics to be imported into Designer? I am forced to convert my vector graphics to raster images to bring them into Adobe Designer. Designer doesn't even accept a PDF image, which I find ironic.

      This is a super super urgent project work I am doing..
      Please help..