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    RH7 Trial Fails


      I am a new poster but a long time user of this helpful forum and of RoboHelp since the good 'ol eHelp days. I recently transitioned to a new company as a solo tech writer. I used RH X5 at my previous company and would like to continue using the product at this new one, but the price of RH7 has put me in a situation where I need to obtain buy-in from management via the trial version of RH7. I downloaded and installed the trial version from this site, but when I attempt to open any flavor of the program and select the option to use the trial version for 30 days, the dialog box redirects to indicate that there was a problem in activating my trial version. My option from there is to Quit or Continue, the latter of which redirects to the original prompt for a serial number (the option to use the trial is not available). I have admin rights on a laptop that exceeds minimum requirements and has XP, uninstalled/reinstalled 3 times, worked through the troubleshooting steps in kb402652, searched this forum, and contacted customer service and tech support twice with no change in status.

      If it were ANY other product, I would be done by now, but I know what this product is capable of and what it enables me to do, and given the opportunity via the trial, I know I can convince management to come off the $$$.

      To all forum users: Has anyone else encountered this issue? Were you able to resolve it? If so, how?

      To Adobe: You have a sale on your hands if you can resolve my issue. If not, I'm going MadCap. Period.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Glad you finally made it to posting. :-)

          First, there's no point making comments to Adobe. See the bottom of the page...

          Important Note: These online forums are for user-to-user discussions of Adobe products, and are not an official customer support channel for Adobe. If you require direct assistance, or prefer to contact Adobe support staff directly, please contact Adobe support.

          Admin rights are essential but you have those. I have also seen just a couple of reports of people having this problem and it has been with laptops. It is a known issue with Windows 2000 but you are on XP. I think if the trial had been installed before, you would get a different response.

          During installation, RH writes to the Master Boot Record. I don't know if it is possible to prevent that but if it is, and your company have, that may be the answer. The other likely problem is a firewall issue but if you have worked through the KB article, you will have tried that.

          I'll see if I can get any further suggestions so bear with me 24 hours.

          I suspect if you try another PC outside the corporate environment, you will find it works fine.

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            singlesourcethis Level 1
            First and foremost allow me to finally thank you, Peter, for your dedication to this product. Your posts in this forum, on this site, and the information you provide on your separate site have allowed me to resolve countless RoboHelp issues for both myself and my fellow tech writers. You have also sparked ideas for information management, structure, and presentation that allowed me to enhance the documentation for which I have been responsible over the years. To put it bluntly: You, sir, rock to the fullest, and it is an honor to finally get a chance to communicate with you.

            For the trial issues, I apologize for the comment to Adobe; this was made in frustration and held no merit or value in respect to the issue other than to indicate my current opinion of the situation. I spoke with the IT manager earlier today to confirm that we do not prevent writing to the master boot record, and I downloaded, installed, and attempted to open the RH7 trial version and obtained the same result on my personal PC from home.

            In any case, please let me know if you come across any additional suggestions for troubleshooting, and I sincerely appreciate your effort on my behalf and on behalf of those who may encounter similar issues with the RH7 trial. My relative due date to demonstrate the functionality in RoboHelp for management is the close of business next Friday, so I have a little time, but I would like to get this resolved soon so I can concentrate on putting together a good demo to win management over. Thanks in advance.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              Awe gee!

              Create a Word document with screen shots and a description of each stage. You can contact me via my site.