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    VideoDisplay with Slider


      I was trying to create a custom video player. I use VideoDisplay for the videos and a slider to scroll through the video itself. I want to be able to do the following: when the slider button is pressed and dragged I want the VideoDisplay component to change the current frame accordingly. What I noticed was that this happens with a very big delay. So, each time the slider button is dragged it takes some time for all the frames traversed to display in the VideoDisplay. After that the video goes on.

      I am using events on the slider to catch the moments when the slider button is presses, released and when it is dragged. I also catch the drag event each 2 seconds for example. I noticed that youtube has something like that. When you scroll through a movie it makes small jumps which vary in length depending on the length of the video. However, in youtube you can easily drag the slider around and the frames change smoothly. So, I would appreciate if anyone could tell me a good way to get that behavior in my player.