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    Reader Extension Size.

      I have a form that without filtering it by Reader Extension weighs 1 MGB, and after filtering it and giving permissions to export archives and to communicate with Web services grows approximately to 3 MGB.
      This process is tripling the size of the file.
      Why does it happens?
      There is something we can do so that the form is not so heavy?
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          I am experiencing the same problem.

          If I apply usage rights (any right) on AIX my file size is around 400K. If I apply usage rights on the same PDF on Linux, the file size is around 1.2MB. I am using the same XDP and XML file. I am using LiveCycle RE v7.

          Any ideas?

          Thanks, Greg
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            Hi, we resolve the problem with Reader Extensions 7.02, version 7.0 has this problem, so you have to change the version.
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              I am using Ver 7.02 of Lifecycle Reader Extension, the size of my PDf file is 867KB and after reader extending the file the size remains the same or closer to 870KB.

              My problem is when i start entering data on about 10 controls the size of the file increases to around 1.8MB. When i try the same document with out reader extending it the file size remains around 900KB or so.

              Can someone help me here?
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                Gaurav KumarTyagi

                i have the similiar kind of problem ...when i fill my Form on adobe reader 7.05 and sign and save as (first attempt) size goes too high ..if i sign and save as again after clearing the first attempted sign the size got reduced.....but the problem is that i have to reduce it in the first attempt of signing..........plz suggest a solution .......