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    Enabling my form

      I TA a general bio lecture as part of my graduate school responsiblities. I"ve created a form I'd like my students to fill out and email back to me and I've tested it with one of my other TA's (we both have Adobe Professional). While it does work between the two of us, the students cant seem to submit a filled out form.

      From what I'm reading, it looks like a very expensive piece of software is required for this simple functionality.

      I'm guessing that a form that has already been designed is opened up in this software and one of the save options allows this PDF to be emailed w/the data fields filled out, just like in professional.

      If all we need is someone to take our form and save it w/that feature enabled, is it possible that someone on this forum would be willing to save some of our files that allow the save/email functionality for a per file/fee basis?

      If there is an inexpensive add-on to LiveCycle Designer that lets people save/email the filled out form using just Adobe Reader, I'd sure like to know about it. I'm getting confused as to the LiveCycle Reader Extensions products and software products.