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    trouble with targeting a text field

      Please refer to the following URL:

      I'm trying to select text in the text field on the right (part of the main movie) , then click on (for example) an in-line style on the imbedded movie (.swf loaded into a movie clip on _level0) on the left. The html tags should be inserted on either side of the selection. I'm using the Selection class.

      In the example given, I use
      "_root.main_txt.text = trimmedText;" (contained in the root timeline of the imbedded .swf)
      to successfully add the <BODY10> tags at the beginning and end of the text field of the main movie (right) as soon as the .swf on the left is loaded. SO... it seems I am addressing the correct pathway. The problem seems to be the Selection class that isn't working like it does if the imbedded .swf is a stand-alone movie. I select text on the right, click on the B and nothing happens.
      Thanks, Chop