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    Cross-Organization Document Structure Standards

      Sept. 12, 2007

      Where each of many document providers are sending similar documents to many document receivers, could standard document stuctures be developed for Live Cycle so that document providers that have Live Cycle could use the standard document structures and avoid having to independently develop a structure similar to structures developed by its peers?

      For example, title insurance companies provide documents to loan underwriters at banks, including duplicate policies. Could industry-wide standard documents be developed so that all title companies could use them? The receiving banks would store them in their underwriting file.

      Another example is building property managers (among others) often ask for certification that a tenant's sub-contractor (or supplier) provide certfication that it has liability insurance or that the property manager be added to the liability insurance policy. The liability insurance companies print the certificate and mail it (US Postal Service). Could this postal mail be replaced by a Live Cycle industry-wide certificate structure?

      Milo Fleck