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    Single source layouts and publishing in RH7

      Hi - this is my first experience with RoboHelp 7 HTML and even after reading a lot of documentation, I am confused between the WebHelp v. WebHelp Pro outputs and publishing to the RoboHelp 7 server.

      Can you publish multiple Single Source Layouts from one project up to the RH server? When creating the SSLs locally, they are generated into separate folders, but I do not see where distinguishing information is setup in the server destination settings. Will the layouts overwrite each other on the server?

      Any help/insights/suggestions would be great!
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          WebHelp works on the server without the need for RoboServer and is published to a location other than within RoboServer.

          WebHelp Pro whilst generated to your local drive like WebHelp has different files in the output and they combine to provide the additional WebHelp Pro features.

          I don't work with WebHelp Pro but my understanding is that each project will be generated to a different location and you will have the option for those projects to be kept separate or merged.

          First though, consider what it is in WebHelp Pro that you want and then see if management will pay the extra cost.

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            RoboColum(n) Level 5
            Peter is right. Webhelp Pro output can be completely separate. It uses IIS to define the "website" used to contain the output. WebHelp Pro output offers a few advantages over Webhelp, mainly the ability to produce reports on the help file usage.