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    CS4 slideshow anomaly

    akribie Level 2
      Has anyone else tried the CS4 slideshow wizard with the non-Flash output option? I elected to use it because it seems to be the only option that caters for longer captions than one line.

      I successfully generated a test page which worked perfectly locally in IE7, Safari, Opera, Firefox and Netscape.

      After uploading to the target ISP, it worked in all browsers except IE. Problem reproduced on several computers apart from those I use for testing, so it is a generic, not local, problem with IE.

      Uploading the same files/folders to 3 other ISPs generated good output in all browsers including IE7.

      The problem page is at:

      http://www.farnhamdfas.org.uk/FireworksTest/index.html (the problem site)

      The good pages are at:






      I'm not getting any help from the ISP who blames my (er Adobe's) code.

      Has anyone else found a problem like this?

      Can anyone shed any light as to what might be going on so that I can, if appropriate, submit a useful bug report.

      CS4 Master Collection under Win XP Pro SP3.