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    Convert Text to Paths... Hardly. FW CS4 is a joke.

    Tim Shundo
      I've been using Fireworks for all of my work since version 4 and no iteration has disappointed me more than 10. The text engine is a complete mess. I encountered another bug today that is severely diminishing my productivity. When converting text to paths, the outcome looks nothing like the original. When I need to zoom in 3200% for pixel perfection, this causes a big hitch as sometimes a whole letter can increase in size or end up looking like a completely different font. Attached is an example of multiple fonts converted. I overlapped a few to show the difference. Also attached is a screenshot of the same document when saved as a swf flash file. Wow.

      To pay so much for this bug-ridden application is beyond me and now I see why so many people don't. I'm usually one to scoff at people who complain about problems like these but they all add up to a huge pain.

      Please. Fix.