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    Workflow Tutorials


      For those interested, there is a series of LiveCycle Workflow tutorial posted at our site at: http://www.ensemble.com/samples/adobe/livecycle/workflowexpensereport

      This tutorial shows you how to implement a process using Adobe LiveCycle Workflow. The thirteen parts step you through changing an existing paper process for expense reports into a completely electronic process.

      The following topics are covered:

      Adding LiveCycle Workflow fields to the form
      2. Uploading the form to LiveCycle Form Manager
      3. Linking the form to a category
      4. Identifying the form as initiator of a workflow
      5. Initiating a workflow by submitting the form
      6. Assign the form to a group of users
      7. Render the submitted form as a PDF
      8. Use route names as choice-list items
      9. Split workflows into parallel branches of tasks
      Save the form as PDF in the file system
      11. Insert the form data into a database
      12. Look up the originator's e-mail address
      13. Importing the sample workflow