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    where to get com.adobe.idp?

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      I see, that there's a method:


      ...whose return-type is com.adobe.idp.Document.
      Now, I wonder, where to get the mysterious com.adobe.idp package.
      I learned, that it's bundled with the LiveCycle PDFGenerator product (http://www.adobeforums.com/cgi-bin/webx/.3bbf9866). But we don't have that product installed and don't intend to buy it. In other words: the getProcessDataDocumentValue is pretty useless unless you buy PDFGenerator, isn't it?

      What I'm currently trying to do is access a PDF-Document, get its data via PDFDocument.exportFormData and do something with the data received. Is there a workaround which includes not having to use com.adobe.idp.Document?

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          Hi Steve

          Have a look in a jar called adobe-common.jar, which you will find in:

          It's installed as part of Workflow, so as long as you add it to your development classpath (so you can compile), you should find it with no problems at runtime.