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    Urgent: ColdFusion SMS Server

    Abdlah Level 1
      I developed my application locally on my laptop and it worked fine. But when I moved it online for real world testing, I find that the SMS Server though running is not receiving the data being sent. my other SMS Server nowSMS however is receiving.

      I have two options now. Either to get the Coldfusion Server to work or find a way to get coldfusion to integrate with other SMS Servers. The problem is that I can hardly find any resource to help me either debug the ColdFusion SMS Server problem or figure out how to make Coldfusion work with another server as its event gateway.

      Attached is an example of how I ammended the cfg file that comes with Coldfusion, with the aim of making it work with a real world SMSC.

      I will appreciate any insight into how to solve my problem. TIA