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    Reports question from Mary

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      I think the Crystal Report that came with v6.2 is not usable, at least that's what we've been told when we got the product and we've never used it. To create your own custom reports you have to use Adobe's EPSDK API which has its own data access mechanism to the workitems. You don't access the SQL tables directly. Check ObjectLibrary.pdf of the docs.

      We use WF Server v.6.2. I have two perhaps related questions.

      I would like to run reports of data in work items, such as for a Check Request form, which work items a particular person authorized, and other reports I noticed in Help that there is a Reports button that can appear in Workflow Web Access, between Preferences and Help. How can I get the Reports button to appear?

      Also, how can I access the work item data from the backend - the SQL tables? Where would it usually be stored?

      Thanks in advance.