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    Old WF applications on server

      We use WF server 6.2. As we were developing and testing applications over the last several years, we created various applications on the server. Now I would like to delete some of the ones that are not used, mainly because they show up when users do searches and it is confusing to have these old applications there.

      I cannot delete some of these applications because it says 'the process still has work items associated with it'.

      If I display 'All Workitems' vs. 'Active Workitems', when I am in the Work Items folder I can see these items but I cannot purge them. When I am in the Process Items folder, I cannot see these work items (but purge is available).

      What can I do to purge these work items so I can remove these applications?

      Thanks in advance.

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          I have found the solution to my problem. Although the work items in question were old and complete, I found before I could purge them in the Process items folder I still had to stop them in the Work Items folder. So I stopped them in Work Items folder, then they appeared in the Process Items folder. I purged them there and then was able to delete the old applications.