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    Creating your first application


      I've downloaded manual "Creating Your First LiveCycle® ES
      Application". I was following all the instructions there,
      but when I try to start process in workspace I get an error:
      An error occurred creating the form (task 109, form 0). (ALC-WKS-007-040)

      Does anyone else have similar problems or this app. works fine?

      any experience?
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          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
          Error ALC-WKS-007-040 is usually a problem with rendering the form.

          What render service are you using to render the form?

          Can you post the content of the server.log file relevant to the error.

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            I think I found the solution for this error.
            In a Workbench ES we can create forms, and those are 2 kind of forms:
            1) Adobe XML Form File (XDP)
            2) Adobe XML Form File (PDF)

            When I create a process and for initForm variable I chose an XDP form then I can not view the form in Workspace, and I get this error ALC-WKS-007-040. If in initForm variable I chose an PDF form then I
            can see the form in workspace!!!!! :-)

            But now I get to another problem ;-( Which type for the initForm variable should I use? I think I can not use for the type xfaForm.
            I mean I've tried, but then even a simplest process (for example to submit the form to another user) is not working. I mean I can not submit the form.
            I'll try to describe the process I've created:
            I've deployed 2 components, first one is SetValue (Start Activity), and another is User component. I've created variable initForm, selected REQ., IN, OUT, as a type selected xfaForm, for the Template URL selected the PDF form.
            At the user component, I've selected a user from Def.Domain (apink), and at the FormDataMappings tab I've selected the initForm as Input form variable, and Output form data. Also I've tried with different values at these fields but still it is not working!

            Do you have any ideas?
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              Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
              You can use an xfaForm variable. What you need to is change the render service that's responsible for transforming the XDP into a PDF.

              By default when you create an xfaForm variable (under Advanced Settings), the render service uses a Default render service which can only render PDF documents.

              If you want to use XDP, you can select the render service called RenderPDFForm from the Sample - Forms category.

              The set the following:
              formURL to Task -> Form URL
              inDocData (optional) to a variable that contains data to merge with PDF
              targetURL to Custom Configuration -> targetURL
              userAgent to Custom Configuration -> userAgent

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                The different processes to render different documents are also described in the LiveCycle Workbench ES Quick Starts. You can also access the various Samples if you have them installed.

                To access the quick starts, goto www.adobe.com/go/lc_learn_workbench and navigate to Quick Starts > Process Quick Starts. You should see a few Quick Sarts about Rendering Adobe XML forms. You may also be interested in displaying Flex applications which is described in Leveraging Flex applications in LiveCycle Workspace ES.

                Hope that helps...

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                  Thank you Jasmin and Gilbert!

                  Now I understand how to render xdp.
                  I was confused because in LC ver.7 I was using
                  xdp forms each time in my workflow

                  Thank you 1 again!