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    Account creds invalid for LC PDF Gen w/Msft Office

      Using LC ES Preview on Win XP SP2 in Virtual PC (2gb RAM).

      Msft Office 2003 is installed, only user is local Administrator

      As per readme, I set Logon As Service right for Administrator.

      But in screen for setup, I get "Invalid credentials - the account and password ocmbination that you provided are invalid" (and suggests I deselect the Native Application Support option for PDF Generator ES

      Yet in the previous screen "Native applications support for Microsoft Office - enter the user name and password for the administrator account that installed Msft Office on this system" I definitely put in the correct a/c (Administrator) and password (actually it won't allow null, which is WinXP default password situation anyway).

      I'll continue setup this first time round without native app support, but would be good to know.

      Actually, why does LC PDFG ES require the user name of the 'original installer' a/c for Msft Office anyway? Surely any local admin name should do??