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    WorkSpace Category Access

      in the LC6/7 Form Manager, there's something called Category Access, where you can restrict user's access to categories... say, you have a bunch of secret HR forms in a HR category, you can set it up such that only HR users can have access to that category, while other users can't even see that category in Form Manager.

      How do you do that in ES?

      in AdminUI, there's Archive Administration -- Category Management, but I don't see how to set its access.

      Is that feature no longer applicable in ES? why?

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          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
          In ES you don't add the security to the category but to the process.

          When you get the list of endpoints for a process within Archive Administration\Service Management\Your Process, you'll notice there is a Security tab.

          The process will be invokable only by the people that are defined under security. So if they are not defined under Security, they won't be able to start a new instance of that process within Workspace.

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            thanks for the answer.

            there's a minor difference though... with the Category Access feature in LC7, you could "hide" a category so that users without access won't even know such a category exists.

            another question about Category: can you put a process into more than one categories? It seems that it's one-one relationship in ES, that a process can only exist in one category, correct?

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              Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
              Your are correct for both statements. You can't hide the category since the security is at the process level. You can also only have one category per process.

              LC ES is different than LC7 in some areas. The architecture has changed a lot and some concepts are just different in ES. In most cases we have more flexibility in ES. In fewer cases, we have less.

              Maybe in the next release :)