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    ClassNotFoundException when creating long-lived operation with custom bean as input parameter

      Hi guys,

      I am writing a DSC operation, where it has to be long-lived and I have a custom bean specified as one of its input. When the operation is executed at run time, I get this ClassNotFoundException for my custom bean, even though I have the custom bean class within the DSC, and class search order to be of parent last.
      It is all good, when I change the operation to be short-lived, but as soon as it is set to long-lived, the CNFE occurs.

      Here is the stack trace:

      Caused by: com.adobe.idp.jobmanager.common.JobManagerException: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: No ClassLoaders found for: com.avoka.livecycle.bean.SettingBean

      Is this a bug, or simply we can't use custom bean as input parameter type for long-lived operation? Or how can we expose my custom bean class to JobManager?

      Thank you.