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    Processing 2D barcoded

      I am currently trying to process the 2D barcode, and I really appreciate if I receive some help to get started. I have been searching through many articles, and most of them only explain how the 2D barcode works but doesn't tell me the exact step I need to do to process the barcode. I actually found an article that tell me how to process the barcode, but it seems like the article require XPAAJ SDK, but that is no longer available in the latest LiveCycle Installation. That is why I really appreciated if you could show me some articles I could read or suggestion of how to process the 2d barcode.
      Thanks in advance for your help!

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          Hi Son,

          When you license the Adobe LiveCycle Barcoded Forms technology and the 2D barcoded forms are properly prepared for filling-in, the 2D barcode is a standard plain-text 2D barcode which can be read by any decoder, even a hand-scanner.

          For licensing and preparing of the forms, check out this webinar that I put together. I will likely answer the questions you are having.

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            Hi Lee,
            Thanks for the quick response. The webinar that you put together is very useful. It answer many questions that I have. However, I am still unsure on how to get my hand on the decoder?
            I have already downloaded and installed the adobe livecyle server and adobe livecycle workbench, but I cannot find the decoder anywhere? Do I have to download something else to get the decoder or it is hidden somewhere when I download the livecyle?
            Thanks again for your help.

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              Hi Lee,

              I have been reading your article about Processing 2D barcoded PDF forms at

              I want to do exactly what you mention in the article, but the only problem is the that I cannot get the library that I needed since XPAAJ is no longer available in the recent download of Adobe LiveCycle.

              Is it possible that you update the article or give me some suggestion on how to get all the files that I need for the decoder?

              Hope to hear from you soon!

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                Hi Son,

                My article is in need of a serious update. Thanks for pointing that out.

                Under the "Services" of LiveCycle ES you will find a Barcoded Forms category that provides you with both a Decode service and an Extract to XML service.

                The faster way to get the service running is to add the Watched Folder End-point to the Decode service. This will provide you with a file-in / file-out mechanism to decode incoming PDFs and TIF files.

                Let me know if you need a more detailed description of setting this up.

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                  Hi Lee,

                  I'm with the same problem. I'm trying but I didn't get to process 2d barcoded form yet. I found in Workbench ES the service that allow to Decode and Extract to XML, but I don't know exactly how it works.
                  Could you give me some tips?

                  Thanks in advance.


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                    There are two services available to you for the processing of Barcoded Forms. The Decode and the Extract to XML.

                    The Decode service does exactly that, Decode. It will create a single XML document that contains all details of any barcodes that were decoded from the input document. With the decode service you simply provide the input Document variable (type Document which is either a TIF or PDF) and it will provide your process with an XML document with the decoded results. In many cases this is all you will need. You can use XPath in the rest of your Workflow to get to the data that you need.

                    If you have a fairly simple form and have used the "Tab Delimited" format with the "Include Field Names" turned on, you can add the "Extract to XML" service as your next step. This will convert the tab delimited data into easier to handle XML documents. Take note that the output of this service is a List. The List will contain an XML document for each of the decoded Barcodes found during the Decode step.
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                      Hi Lee and Son,


                      Thanks for the posts and replies. With ur posts it was easier to handle this tedious stuffs though I am facing similar issues. I am not getting any errors in my failure folder and still not getting output decoded xml in results folder either. i 've configured extractToXML method and provided input mapping params as below though m nt sure about this also -

                      Input Parameter Mappings:


                      Even i m confused to using only decode method for input params mapping. Would be great if you could provide any pointer reg. the same.