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    LiveCycle ES PDF and XML automatic merge in .NET

      Hi All,

      I've been running through different threads and articles on how to pre-populate PDF forms using XML data and ASP.NET and I haven't yet clearly found the right solution.

      My problem is that I have already designed my PDF form using LiveCycle Designer and had already mapped that XML data on the form but how can I automatically merge my XML data to the form when loading an ASP.NET page? I've seend an article at this site :


      In this article, my problem lies on the SOAP endpoint client in the code and the Foms template. I've installed already the trial copy of LiveCycle ES (Server and WorkBench) and it seems that I need to setup a server for this. How can I setup the soapendpoint and where can I locate the forms template?

      Do I really need to install WebSphere or JBOSS for this?
      Can I test my application only using my local PC?

      I hope someone can clarify the things that I need for this development...