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    How to retrieve user data from the "adobe" database?

      Maybe it's something very simple,or something that should be done prior to what I want to do but I cannot find it,so I will just ask:
      I want to use a jdbc service(Query single Row)to retrieve the data of a
      user in order to prepopulate later a form with the user's data in Workspace..Searching for the user data ,I found they are stored in "edcprincipaluserentity" table of "adobe" database in MySQL.. In the configuration of the "Query single Row"in the "Datasource Name" property I should specify a JNDI datasource name,so I tried both IDP_DS and DefaultDS which I think are the names of the JNDI datasources for the "adobe" database..
      But when I test my SQL statement(a simple "select" statement from the "ecdprincipaluserentity") in "SQL Statement Info Editor" I get the following Exception: IDP_DS not bound. Cause: IDP_DS not bound
      The same exception is thrown for DefaultDS too..
      So finally my question..What am I doing wrong?
      (I have installed the turnkey LCES with JBOSS)