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    Inspecting Process/Task Data

      So, I've been trying to troubleshoot various things that happen when users use the workflow I've made. However, it'd be really nice to actually be able to see what the variables are like at the point where the process is (whether it's stalled or waiting for a task, etc).

      What's the easiest way to take a look into variables and form data at a particular point? Is just diving into the db the best thing? If so, where is that data actually held?

      Thanks ahead of time
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          pguerett Level 6
          In version 8.1 you can use the Variable Logger Service (under the Foundation category). You can configure the service to write out all variables to the log or to a file in either case you will see their values there. If the variable is a complex type (Document or xfaForm) it will merely indicate that the variable is populated but it will not show you its contents.
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            Well, that'll work is the process hasn't been invoked already. But what if a process stalls out. I wouldn't know where to put in the Variable Logger until the point I find out that there has been a problem with the process. But I might not be able to reproduce the error sicne I can't see what lead up to it. For long-lived processes, that data is kept in the db, no?

            How do I inspect the state of the variables in that stalled process? Or the form data at that point?

            Is there a document that describes which tables in the LiveCycle db hold which data?
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              pguerett Level 6
              The variable logger is a service that you can add at any point in the process. I have used multiple variable loggers in a complex process to check on the state of my variables during operation. If your process stalls out then put a variable logger just before the stall and it will execute (write out all of the vars) then stall.

              Yes the data is kept in the db but it is normalized and not specifically in a single table. The schema of the data base is not published so getting at it through SQL statements is not an option.

              I find that the use of the system log and the placement of multiple variable loggers in my process map allow me the ability to see the state of my variables for debugging.

              One last tip that I use - I name the variable logger with a name like ***** Debug and then use a tool like BareTail to view the log (this allows you to view the log while it is updating). This tool allows me to highlight specific strings in the log and in that way my variable logger output stands out from the rest of the log details.

              BareTail is a shareware product that can be found by searching for it on the net.