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    Which LifeCycle Product to use?

      Please advice which LifeCycle product would be useful for fulfilling the below two requirements.

      Requirement 1:
      We want to create a pdf forms with paper form bar codes on it using the LifeCycle Designer. We will publish this pdf on our website and that will be used by our customers, our customers will download the pdfs and fill it, print it(paper form) and send to us at our office through post. This paper form will be scanned and processed via the Adobe BarCoded Services (deployed on the weblogic server) which will extract the xml data out of this pdf. This xml data will some how be integrated with our existing application in our company(To be decided how). Will the Barcoded Services be useful for above?

      Requirement 2:
      We will provide a capability for our customer to download pre-populated pdfs(with some basic information like Customer ID, Customer contacts) from our website. Which LifeCycle Services should be used to create these writable pre-polpulated pdf forms? These prepopulated forms will have some information pre-populated(from the database) which can not be changed by the customer. The customer will download these pdfs and submit to our website electronically, once the forms are submitted electronically, we will use the Life Cycle Services to extract the information out of the pdf and integrate with out existing application in our company.