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    LiveCycle Forms and PDF/A?

    neptas Level 1

      Does LiveCycle Forms ES still capable of generate PDF/A?

      Thank you
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          LiveCycle ES Output creates PDF/A documents.
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            neptas Level 1

            But can I send a dynamic pdf with scripts to output server and get a pdf/A as we were able to do with FormServer.

            What is the goal of FormServer ES now? Just to merge data and pdf?

            Thank you
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              Forms does not produce PDF/A. That functionality was moved to Output.

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                Typically LiveCycle ES Forms is used when you want to render forms to users via a web browser. That is, you render interactive forms to users who then fill in the form and submit the form and data back

                Forms is able to output new transformations -- such as form guides. Form guides are flash-based forms.

                As far as Ouput - you can convert a non-PDF/A document ot PDF/A as well as output PDF/A documents.

                Also - LiveCycle Forms no longer outputs non-interactive PDF documents. This functionality is also covered by the Output service.
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                  LiveCycle Forms ES is no longer capable of rendering PDF/A documents;

                  LiveCycle Output ES is the service that does this

                  LiveCycle Forms generates interactive PDF Forms; LC Output ES generates PDF Documents (no interactivity)

                  PDF/A is a PDF Document not a PDF Form (PDF/A is not interactive)

                  Clients with LC Forms 7.2 or earlier (Form Server) under a platinum support contract will receive LiveCycle Forms ES & LiveCycle Output ES as an upgrade.

                  This will ensure that such users can continue to render PDF Documents including PDF/A documents; as well convert PDF Forms to PDF Documents; normally referred to as a PDF flatten operation.

                  Both of these products have lots of other features but this addresses your specific question.

                  For other features it would be best to review the adobe web site

                  Neal Davies
                  Product Manager for LC Output ES