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    Connecting to Form Server ES

      Does anyone know the url to the wsdl for Form Server ES once it has been installed?  I have the url in the admin set to http://<myServer>/FormServer .
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          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
          In LiveCycle ES, everything that is installed in considered a service running in the service container.

          If the service has a web service endpoint created for it (which is the case for most services), then it can be called with the following format:


          If LiveCycle Forms is installed , then there will be a FormsService service running and the URL should be (jboss example) http://localhost:8080/soap/services/FormsService?wsdl

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            I have tried that url http://localhost:8080/soap/services/FormsService?wsdl and i get this error:
            Fault - ; nested exception is:
            org.apache.axis.ConfigurationException: ALC-DSC-013-000: com.adobe.idp.dsc.registry.ServiceConfigurationNotFoundException: Service Configuration : FormsService version: 1.0 not found

            any clue at what might cause this? Form Server was installed using the turnkey installation with manual configuration.
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              Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
              Can you go under the administrative console (http://localhost:8080/adminui) under Services/Archive Administration/Services Management and make sure the service is installed and started?

              For some reason it seems that it's not installed or started properly. That URL works for me.

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                There is no FormsService in the services management section. Any clue on why it is not there? I did install form server so I would assume the service would be there.
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                  Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
                  Hmmm, That is very strange. I'm not sure why it's not there. One thing you can try is to add it manually.

                  Start WorkBench.
                  Make sure you have the Component view opened (Windows/Show Views).
                  Right click and select install.
                  Browse to C:\Adobe\LiveCycle8\deploy\adobe-forms-dsc.jar
                  Then right click and start.

                  This should install it.