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    Rending a form guide

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      Hi all,

      I am currently attempting to use the API Quick Start to load a form guide. I am able to load the guide itself without any issue. However, I cannot populate it with data from the PDF it's attached to, the form guide appears empty.

      My understanding is that I need to pass the data I want in the InputData parameter of the renderFormGuide function. I have attempted to pass everything from a PDF file, to an xml file to just an xml string.

      For example:

      InputStream input_stream = new FileInputStream("c:\\data\\test.xml");
      Document oInputData = new Document(input_stream);

      I know this file contains valid xml as it successfully fills the PDF using XPAAJ, but it will still leave the form guide blank.

      This was the only part of the quick start I changed, so perhaps there is another option somewhere that I cannot find. Any help would be appreciated.