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    ReaderExtensions / Watched Folders / enableComments newbie question

      Hi there,

      I am currently using the Live Cycles ES Preview, while I wait for the full version to finish going through your licensing process. Here is my over-all goal:

      I would like to set up a watched folder that takes PDFs dropped into the input folder, enables comments, and saves the new files to the output folder.

      Ive figured out how your folder watching works (very cool!) but not how to get a service to turn on the comments.

      I see that the ReaderExtensions service has an enableComments usage right associated with it. But I cant set up a watched folder end point in it via adminui.

      Do I have to workbench something? Wheres a good starting point for figuring out how to do that?

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          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
          What you need to do is create a new process using LiveCycle Workbench and add an operation called Apply Usage Rights (under Reader Extension).

          Once you save and activate your process, you'll be able to add a watch folder to it.

          Don't forget to create a variable in your process of type "document" and IN, so you can set that variable on the watch folder endpoint to receive the pdfs.

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            Level 1
            Thanks a lot Jasmin,

            Ive got my process all set up with a Watched Folder end point and everything is working great!

            I have one more requirement regarding folder structure that I have to implement and I was wondering if you had suggestions on how to go about it.

            Right now, if my input folder is C:\WatchedFolder\Input, I can put a pdf file (lets call it example.pdf) in the input directory and it will spit it out to C:\WatchedFolder\Result\example.pdf.

            What I need to be able to support are ¬recursive folder structures. So lets say I have a folder named Project1 with a subfolder SubProject2. Both folders have PDFs in them. What I need to be able to do is drop the Project1 folder in the watched folder, and then have the folder structure dynamically preserved in the result folder. So the input would look like C:\WatchedFolder\Input\Project1\SubProject2, the output would look like C:\WatchedFolder\Result\Project1\SubProject2, with an arbitrary amount of folder depth. So I could drop folder folderx\foldery\folderz and all of them could have PDF files in them to be processed, and the output would have to have to same structure.

            Can this be administered via the watched folder endpoint config? Or should I somehow tweak the workshop process?

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              That's what I am looking for.  Can I achieve this goal using Trial Version of Live Cycle Reader Extensions?  I just want to make sure before I spend money.

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                Hodmi Level 4

                The Watched Folder endpoint is quite a simple interface.  Any objects (files/directories) dropped into the input directory are considered seperate requests.  That is - if you drop four files in you will get four seperate requests.


                By the same token, if you drop in a folder it will be treated as a single request with the files in that folder passed to LiveCycle as a List.


                Having said that, I don't believe you can get the recursion you are looking for from the Watched Folder interface.