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    Digital Signatures in Workspace

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      I'm trying to apply multiple digital signatures to a document in Workspace. Basically, I have a form that dynamically shows/hide signature blocks based on a dropdown. So, if the form needs 3 approvers the user selects 3 from the dropdown and 3 signature blocks are shown (along with 3 fields to key approver ids). So, my process basically loops through the approvers and assigns a task to them. When the approver opens it in workspace they are supposed to apply their signature and click complete. All works fine except when the next approver opens the form in workspace the previous approvers signature is gone.

      Can anybody fill me in on what I need to do to make something like this happen? It seems that this would be a common use case for LiveCycle.

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          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
          It is a common use case for LiveCycle. You need to make sure when you hit submit, that it submits the whole PDF and not just the data. If you send just the data, the data will be merged with the form template (XDP) and the signature will be gone or invalidated.

          In Form Designer, click on your submit button and under the Submit tab, make sure the Submit As to PDF.

          Are you using an XDP or PDF to initiate your process?

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            Hey Jasmin - Thanks for the response. I can use either an XDP or a PDF. Which one do you suggest? Also what type of variable should I use for the input. Should it be a "document", "DocumentForm", something else?

            Thanks again
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              Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
              It doesn't really matter what you start with, but once you have your PDF, you need to make sure you don't recreate it.

              If you start with a PDF, you should put it in a DocumentForm variable.

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                Jasmin - I got all the working. Now I'm trying to extract the XML data from the DocumentForm in order to make some routing decisions from it.

                I've tried using processFormSubmission and exportData. In both cases I'm saving the output from the operation to a document then copying it to an xml variable.

                When I use processFormSubmission my xml variable is always null.

                When using exportData it looks like I'm getting in my xml variable. I can see the xml but I can't seem to xpath to the Signer1 to in my User action.  Any thoughts?

                xml document from exportData.
                2007-08-02 09:55:13,565 INFO  [STDOUT] [PID:1,405] /process_data/xmlData - XML Document:   







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                  Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4
                  To get processFormSubmission to work, I think you need to set the PDF to XDP to True and Populate XML Data to True.

                  As for using xpath on the above xml, you need to add the namespaces 'xfa' and 'dd' so that xpath recognizes them. You'll need to use the xpath with the namespaces to get down to the proper node.

                  Click on your process from the Processes tab and under Properties/Advanced, add the desired namespaces under the "Registered Prefixes for Namespaces used in XPaths" section.