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    Custom Component with xfaForm input

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      Hi. I'm trying to create a custom component that takes as one of its inputs either an xfaForm, a Document containing XML, or an xml variable. So my service method has a variable called data which is just an Object. When I pass in the xfaForm I get a class cast exception when casting the object to the XFARepositoryFormInstance class. I even print out the object and it shows me that its an XFARepositoryFormInstance. Do I have to do something special to work with an xfaForm inside the component? It seems like some sort of class loading issue or something.

      I'm stuck. Anybody have thoughts?

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          I'm unstuck :)  The key to getting this to work is to import the packages you are going to use in your component.xml.

          So, for me..I had to add the following: