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    LCDS Messaging help.

      Hi Guys Iam trying to send an alert message that only shows up on the recipients end As im trying to get acceptance for accepting a web cam request. Im totally new to this and not sure is this is possible or if there is a more correct way to request a web cam chat any help would be greatly appreciated. Sample code below.

      private function requestCamera():void
      if (dg.selectedItem)
      var message:AsyncMessage = new AsyncMessage();
      message.body = {userId: userId.text, recipientId: dg.selectedItem.userId, text: Alert.show("Request Cam","Alert",Alert.OK | Alert.CANCEL, this, alertListener,null,Alert.OK)};
      producer.subtopic = dg.selectedItem.userId;

      private function alertListener(eventObj:CloseEvent):void

      if (eventObj.detail==Alert.OK)
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          I am developing an application and I am in a position where I can push messages to one or many AIR applications and the selection of AIR application will be decided by LCDS server. Here I am making use of JMS along with JMS adapter. I need a way to receive an acknowledgement to LCDS server when the message is delivered.
          I have found few application where JMS subscriber is sending acknowledgement to JMS producer, but I need a way where JMS producer is getting acknowledgement from each Flex client. Please help.
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            Use selector for messaging filtering

            When Producer sends message, we can specify a header like propName = propValue. Consumer can choose to filter messages using selector. I figured out the selector pattern supports "OR", such as:

            Does the selector pattern support "AND" as well? If yes, what's the expression look like?