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    Messaging dont play well with Flex module

      Hi i found some weird behavior(possible bug) when develop some messaging app with modules. Let's have two chat applications like LSDS/BlazeDS basic chat sample with extra unsubscribe functionality as consumer part. One of them is loaded into main application as module and second is part of main app. Everything works fine till you want to unsubscribe() from "module chat". After that, you can't send messages from main app any more. I found some workaround which simply subscribes some other consumer in module and then sending messages work again. If you got better solution please file it. Source is provided at http://rapidshare.com/files/163544575/Messaging_bug.zip.html

      Dual core 1.6
      1GB ram
      WIN XP SP3
      Tomcat 6.1
      LCDS 2.6