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    lcds and flash cs3

      it is possible to work with flash and lcds to create applications RMTP of similar way to work with flash and FMS2 to do for example, chat?
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          seth_hodgson Level 1
          RTMP is only used as a transport protocol in LCDS (there's no NetConnection API on the server), but you can definitely write chat-style applications with LCDS.

          Take a look at the various samples contained in the samples.war that the installer lays down.
          To display the LiveCycle Data Services ES samples home page, open a browser to the following URL once you're up and running:

          http://localhost:portnumber/samples (portnumber is the HTTP port number; for example, http://localhost:8080/samples)

          The samples app contains a variety of samples (including chat and data feed style examples).