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    LCDS Server to Client data notification


      I have a server-side manager that I call over AMF that contains some business logic. In this method, I'd like to create records and notify all clients with the changes.

      I tried the following:

      ArticleAssembler artAssembler = new ArticleAssembler();
      Article art = new Article();
      ... fill properties


      Now, the record is created in the database, but clients are not notified. Is there any way to push data to registered clients connected to the DataService? I also tried makig a server-side rtmp connection, but couldn't find any documentation. The only solution I see is using the MessagService ans AsyncMessage (as seen here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/3836539/Server-Push-data-push-in-Flex-using-Blaze-DS-and-Java ), to send a message, but I'd like to see a combined approach using my own Data Assemblers.

      As it is practically impossible to find any information about this, I'm curious to read any helpful information.

      Kind regards