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    SQLassembler access mySQL database unicode error

      Dear all:
           I use LCDS SQLAssembler to access mysql database. Database encoding is utf8. when i get the data from the mysql and display it with DataGrid.
      it can't display with chinese or japanese. anyone can help?

      data-management-config.xml datatbase connection config like below:
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          Hi Charles,

          Debugging character encoding issues can be difficult. When you state that it can't display Chinese or Japanese what display problems are you seeing?

          The problem could be that the system (or embedded font) in use doesn't contain glyphs for Chinese or Japanese characters.

          Some further testing ideas would be to trace out the length of one of these strings that you receive in the player to verify that you're getting the correct number of bytes. You would need pick a specific string to test with to simplify verification against what you have in the database. You could also compare byte values in the string to what you have stored in the database. That would rule out any issues in the data transfer allowing you to focus of font display issues.

          Good luck,