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    Front end Java classes?

      Aloha all-

      I'm familar with using LiveCycle Data Services with Flex and love its use of front-end ActionScript classes that map back to the server. I was wondering if such functionality was possible with Java classes? My guess is no, but wanted to make sure as I've been going through the docs and haven't found anything explicit.

      Basically, I'm thinking about using LiveCycle DS in an all Java project (Swing front end) and if it communication could be handled by DS, which I'm familiar with, instead of creating my own JMS topics, that'd be great. Plus it provides a way to move the app from Java/Swing to Flex/Air.

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          seth_hodgson Level 1
          Hi Ron,

          We don't currently provide a client-side Java API for LC DS.
          If you plan on switching from Swing to Flex/Air in the future, the major thing to watch out for is that the classes you ship over the wire from the server to the client adhere to the Java bean serialization rules that Flash AMF serialization requires (no-arg constructor, public get/set methods for properties, etc.). But you should be able to expose the same server code to a Flex/Air client with minimal to no impact.

          Porting your front-end app from Swing to Flex/Air wouldn't offer any opportunities for client-side code reuse.