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    Authentication: Flex AIR application <-> LifeCycle ES <-> Custom Authentication Provider

      Hello All!

      I have a following environment:

      Flex AIR application (C) - installed on client side
      LifeCycle ES - Server (S)
      Custom Authentication Provider (P) - 3rd party service provider

      C would like call some services of S. But at first it should be authenticated.
      Q1: how to create Custom Authentication Provider in LifeCycle Service container? Which Interface I should to implement?

      Q2: How to provide single sign-on auth. in that case?
      Q3: Is it possible to use Client Side certificate for transparent Authentication (where user should not enter login and password)

      I found in documentation class AuthenticationManagerServiceClient

      and method:

      public AuthResult authenticate(byte[] ssoToken, boolean createAssertion)

      This is the primary method for authenticating a user from the single sign-on (SSO) servlet.

      But actually do not understand how to use it.
      Please HELP!