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    Delivery of "Cached" Messages

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      I'm trying to set up a destination that will deliver "cached" messages to clients that may have connected/subscribed to the destination after a particular message was put into the destination. For example

      9:00 client A suscribes
      9:05 "blah" gets put into the destination, client A gets the message
      9:06 client B suscribes and also gets the cached message "blah"

      I've tried to set the following

      ServerSettings serverSettings = new ServerSettings();

      According to the docs, the last 1000 messages should be cached and they will live until the server shutdown. However my client B doesn't get delayed delivery of the message that was pumped in before it came on line.

      I want to do this without a JMS queue. If the settings I'm using aren't meant for this, what are they suspose to do?? And what should I be doing to enable the senario I described.

      Thanks, KT