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    Managing Large Data Sets using Cold Fusion/LCDS/Flex

      Sorry to bother you but is there any examples anywhere of using Flex 3 with LCDS and CF8 specifically data paging. We have spent about a week now trawling around and can only find either dated code (Flex Data Services) or presentation notes. We use large data sets on our site www.talkingfunds.com but have performance issues. We want to display records as they are fetched, using LCDS, rather than wait for the entire dataset to be returned to the user. A key feature of the LCDS product but no obvious detailed example anywhere to be found. Any help greatly appreciated.
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          I am also attempting to do the same thing and cannot find much help on the 'net. I'm replying to this in hopes it'll "bump" this back to the top of the threads and that someone will be able to help. Thanks. :)
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            Have you tried using the paging setting in the destination configuration?

            The ColdFusion integration does not support some of the more advanced paging
            options (anything that requires special methods in the AbstractAssembler),
            but it does fully support the mode of operation where the LCDS server gets a
            result set (say 1000 records) and only serves the records 100 at a time.

            I would check the documentation and look for the "paging" configuration
            element. You can take a quick looks at
            resources/config/data-management-config.xml in your LCDS release for an
            example destination.

            Hope that gets you started.

            Tom Jordahl