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    looking for archived FDS 2.x

      I'm currently stuck using Flex Builder 2.x and Flex 2.0.1 compiler. I need to use a compatible version of Flex Data Services. I assume it's FDS 2.0. If you have it downloaded, please provide me a link to it.

      Flex Builder 2.x doesn't work with LiveCycle Data Services 2.5.1. In the near future I hope to upgrade to FB 3.x (once it comes out of beta).

      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          Robert Hirst Level 1
          I've used LCDS with FB2/Flex SDK 2.0.1 hotfix 2 without issue.

          In fact, LCDS ships with the Flex SDK 2.0.1 hotfix 2, in C:\lcds\resources\flex_sdk if you used the default installation path.

          What specific issues are you having, and if you are not using the Flex SDK shipped with LCDS, have you made sure to apply at least hotfix 2?

          Hotfix 2:


          Hotfix 3 (only apply if you need any of the fixes):