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    form guide in my flex aplication

      Hi everyone,

      I am currently developing a flex application to use the livecycle forms ES service to render a form guide.
      I've successfully tested the form guide in livecycle workspace ES using the Samples-render form guide service.
      What now i'm trying to achieve is to load that form guide in my flex host aplication. Using livecycle Remoting i have successfully invoked a short-lived process i created in which i use the renderFormGuide service.
      From the invoke result i successfully receive the document reference to the form guide rendered. In flex i code:

      var res:Object = event.result;
      var docRef:DocumentReference = res["outputDocument"] as DocumentReference;
      var url:String = docRef.url;
      var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url);
      formHolder.source = docRef.url;

      The navigateToURL opens a new browser window to the document which is a swf form guide and the guide shows correctly. What I dont see although is the toolbar for the PDF view, which I do view testing in workspace ES
      (yes I do have 'Guide PDF' set to true in the renderFormGuide service). The weird thing is also, I have to set the "Cb" property of the renderFormGuide service to true to be able to view the flex form guide, otherwise the
      url is just an empty page.

      The last line of the code :

      formHolder.source = docRef.url;

      sets my SWFLoader source to the FormGuide swf file, but which doesnt get loaded correctly, only the preloader shows
      and then stops. So what i want to achieve do is show the form guide in my flex host aplication, pretty much like the Livecycle Workspace does it. I cant find any samples/documentation on how to achieve this.

      Any help at this point would be apreciated, i can't find any samples how to use the form guide in my flex aplication, i've found only samples how to test the form guide in Workspace ES and how to create Flex applications for Livecycle workspace ES, which is not what i want to achieve.
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          zubinshi Level 1

          Hello, Deviskec


          I am wondering if you had this problem solved?  I am encourting exactly same problem.  I can get pdf and html form loading. But I am unable to get the form guide working in my flex application.


          If you have this solved, would you kindly provide sample or tell how you solved this problem?