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    problem with flex builder 2.0.1

      Hi there;

      I'm having a problem in my Java project in flex builder 2; which is based on livecycle data services. I've created a flex data services project, then I created a Java project and pointed its path to the WEB-INF directory of the flex data services project. Everything seems fine and the project runs successfully on my local server (JRun); but there seems to be a problem with my java classes; i've configured the remoting-config.xml file correctly; but when I try to communicate with the class it gives an error which says: Error instantiating application scoped instance of type...

      can anybody help me with that?
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          Hi There

          I am wondering if you can help me, i am looking to build a simple flex front end with a java back end, just to send simple requests and responses. By the sounds of your email you have an idea of how to do this, i am using websphere as my server, i am wondering if you have any links to tutorials on how to do this or any sample projects yourself. Any help would be amazing

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            I am looking to build a Datagrid,in which Whenever i select any row of a datagrid then a Tabnavigator should come between the selected row and other remaining rows.I think it is the concept of Advanced Datagrid.I am Using Flex2.0.

            pleae can anybody help me for developing this code?