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    Two LCDS wars, one http, one https

      Hi there.

      I want to deploy two instances of our lcds/amf-based application in JBoss 4.0.5. I have enabled HTTP and HTTPs in JBoss, set one war (flex.war) to use the 'my-secure-amf' channel, and the other (flex2.war) to use the 'my-amf' channel, and set the "default channels" section in the remoting-config appropriately for each instance. Incidentally, I've also changed the RTMP port of flex2.war to 2039.

      The HTTPS application works fine, remoting is all good etc.

      However, the HTTP application throws an exception "Destination <destination name> is not accessible via channel 'my-amf'"

      Can anyone shed some light on why this might be?

      If I deploy both wars as HTTP, or both as HTTPS, it also works fine. The problem appears to be confined to having one of each.