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    MetaData Element of the DataConfig.xml

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      In the meta Data element of the data-config.xml when have a identity child.What exactly is the purpose of this element,what shouldwe specify in the identity element?
      For some reason when I do DS.fill(listOfEmployees) I only get 1 row when the DB has about 6 rows
      I suspect it has to do with the identity element
      Any help?
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          The identity element is the property (or properties) of the object that
          uniquely identifies the object for the Data Managment server.

          In general, it is the primary key column of the rows in the database that
          the assembler is using. It has to be something about the data that does not
          change. For instance, using 'lastname' as the identity property of a Person
          record would be bad as this could change over the life of the record.

          Also, see the documentation here:
          Read the last paragraph - "Maintaing object identities".

          Read "Uniquely identifying data items"

          Hope that helps.

          Tom Jordahl