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    PDF form response display

      I'm pretty new to all of this, but here is what I'm trying to do:

      I work at a research facility, and we are wanting to be able to send PDF surveys and forms to people, and then let them click on an http submit button that will send the data to a JEE5 servlet that will persist the data into our database, so we can reduce manual entry.

      We made a simple PDF form in LiveCycle Designer 8, and I have the servlet working fine, in that it takes all of the information and and persists it to the database. the only thing left is we want to give the user some sort of results to let them know that the data was entered, and if possible show them some generated content, such as a score or results or something. The "preview pdf" window in the LiveCycle Designer can read html fine, so it shows everything as we want. However, plain adobe reader cant, it pops up an error saying "Cannot handle content type: text/html". Now the data is entered into the database fine, but the user thinks there was an error.

      I found an opensource java api (iText) that can generate pdfs and send them out in the response stream. Normal browsers recognize it fine, saving a pdf that can then be opened in adobe reader, but adobe reader still thinks its a text/html stream, and the LiveCycle Designer thinks the new pdf has not pages.

      if I could get the reader to display some sort of results page, that would be great, but really I would be satisfied with as little as the pop up window saying "Data submitted successfully".