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    Configure DS over SSL

      I've been trying to get my Flex DS application running over an SSL connection. Nothing I do seems to work well. Sometimes I can get it to work but the channel disconnects after a very short amount of time. I'm trying to use RTMPS with a connection to a MSSQL database. I've configured the services-config, remoting-config, proxy-config, and data-management-config in many different but normal ways.

      The application will come up over SSL but I can't get any data flowing.

      Any "how-tos" would help. I've scoured with Google and every example I try doesn't work.
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          Hi Brad,

          We would expect that the SSL versions of the channels should work exactly
          like their unencrypted counter parts. There is not difference at the Data
          Service level.

          Have you turned on the debugging output and taken a look at what it says
          when the connection is closed? Perhaps the browser or a proxy is affecting
          the connection?

          Tom Jordahl
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            The message doesn't always appear even though it's in debug mode. When I do get a message it simply states "Channel disconnected." and nothing more.

            I can replicated the behavior on my own local environment running a VM. No firewall, no proxy.

            Is there a working example out there so I can check to see if I'm doing this right? The examples that I've seen haven't faired out to well.