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    Debugging LCDS Data Management from Flexbuilder3 on Tomcat does not work

      I have a sample with Data Management and when i use it on my tomcat it works fine. But i can´t debug it from flexbuilder 3. When i start it from the flexbuilder i get the connection and then i crashed with "No registered fault handler or token responder - throwing an error for destination:"
      It is the same tomcat i use to run standalone.
      is it a problem with the context.xml?

      [SWF] /flexine/dataService_wt2.swf - 1.422.965 bytes after decompression
      'cds-consumer-sandwich-null' consumer set destination to 'sandwich'.
      Configuration for destination='sandwich':


      New DataService for destination: sandwich
      DataService.fill() called for destination: sandwich with args: []
      '4A853118-F24B-5FE2-BF01-FCDFF6C93161' producer set destination to 'sandwich'.
      Creating a new independent data store for destination: sandwich
      Adding data service: sandwich to the data store: null initialized: false
      Finished validating destination: sandwich loadOnDemand/paged associations: [] sub-types:
      data store: null is initialized
      'my-rtmp' channel endpoint set to rtmp://localhost:2038
      'my-rtmp' channel settings are:


      'ds-producer-sandwich' producer sending message '52AF7949-7B16-7C8E-3B87-FCDFF6F8D3A2'
      'my-rtmp' channel got connect attempt status. (Object)#0
        code = "NetConnection.Connect.Success"
        description = "Connection succeeded."
        details = (null)
        DSMessagingVersion = 1
        id = "E35ECC7A-710F-4D9B-A507-330FDD83B283"
        level = "status"
        objectEncoding = 3
      'my-rtmp' channel is connected.
      'my-rtmp' channel sending message:
        operation="client ping"
      'my-rtmp' channel sending message:
        messageId = '52AF7949-7B16-7C8E-3B87-FCDFF6F8D3A2'
        operation = fill
        destination = sandwich
        identity = (null)
        body = []
        headers = {}
      'ds-producer-sandwich' producer connected.
      'ds-producer-sandwich' producer acknowledge of 'CDC66303-F24B-1E87-4103-FCDFF8211298'.
      'ds-producer-sandwich' producer acknowledge of '52AF7949-7B16-7C8E-3B87-FCDFF6F8D3A2'.
      'ds-producer-sandwich' producer fault for '52AF7949-7B16-7C8E-3B87-FCDFF6F8D3A2'.
      Dispatching fault event for destination: sandwich
      No registered fault handler or token responder - throwing an error for destination: sandwich
      [RPC Fault faultString="There was an unhandled failure on the server. javax/transaction/SystemException" faultCode="Server.Processing" faultDetail="null"]
           at mx.data::ConcreteDataService/http://www.adobe.com/2006/flex/mx/internal::dispatchFaultEvent()[C:\depot\flex\branches\enterprise_corfu_b2\frameworks\projects\data\src\mx\data\ConcreteDataService.as:2401]
           at DataListRequestResponder/fault()[C:\depot\flex\branches\enterprise_corfu_b2\frameworks\projects\data\src\mx\data\ConcreteDataService.as:6970]
           at mx.rpc::AsyncRequest/fault()[E:\dev\3.0.x\frameworks\projects\rpc\src\mx\rpc\AsyncRequest.as:103]
           at NetConnectionMessageResponder/statusHandler()[E:\dev\3.0.x\frameworks\projects\rpc\src\mx\messaging\channels\NetConnectionChannel.as:523]
           at mx.messaging::MessageResponder/status()[E:\dev\3.0.x\frameworks\projects\rpc\src\mx\messaging\MessageResponder.as:222]