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    How to retreive contents ?

    flexriver Level 1
      We have used with most of the services available in the workbench but we are still not able to implement the following use case.

      1- Store a document into the Content management system, along with custom attributes (example: attach the "myAttribute"--->"toto" metatag to somedoc.pdf). We are only able to add pre-defined attributes from the accepted list.

      2- And, then how to retrieve this content using that metatag. We are able to retrieve the document using the name of the doc, but not a metatag.

      Can you confirm that this is indeed a feature of LC Content Management ? And that you can achieve that just by using the services already pre-defined in the workbench??
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          wisi11 Level 1
          You have to create a new Alfresco model where you can define your own attributes. Or you extend existing an model with your attribute.

          IMHO this is not directly possible yet. In a former post in this forum somebody mentioned that a service to search for content is in development. But this post was from mid summer 08...
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            > In your orchestration, create a new variable of type map
            > Introduce a set value operation which assigns map[@id=myAttribute] = toto
            > In your store Content operation property editor, in attributes map argument, select Variable or XPath instead of Literal and pass this map variable.
            > NOTE : You can also call a separate set Content Attributes operation in case you want to make use of pre-defined attributes also
            > NOTE : Dont worry about passing a single attribute in attributes map it doesnt flush out other existing attributes, only over-writes what we pass in the map.

            > Future releases will have searchRepository operation in which you can specify queries to find a document (i.e. it returns a node ID) you can search on basis of attribute values (exact or range or other conditions)
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              wisi11 Level 1
              Can you say when this future release would be released?
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                IngGrin Level 1



                is there something in progress so that custom attributes can used in queries (LC CS 8.2)?


                For me it is important to retrieve all documents too, for instance for documents having a metattribute custom_id set to "12345" ... the attributes are built on a custom model.