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    Lists w/ Item Renders and Drag/Drop Woes


      I have a TileList with the following features:
      dragEnabled = true, selectable = false, custom itemRenderer = myItemRenderer, Renders properly and 'scrolls about' properly

      myItemRenderer extends Canvas and contains information (XML) that defines its characteristics.

      And I have a Canvas that I drop said custom items into which produces other items based on the XML data in the dropped object.


      Under normal circumstances the Drag/Drop procedure works perfectly: I can drag over an element from the TileList onto the Canvas and it will produce a 'copy' of the Item dragged. Though if I scroll the TileList up or down and then drag an Item into the Canvas the item produced on the Canvas is the Item at the non-scrolled position of the TileList (as if I didn't scroll at all). To clarify, the item dropped into the canvas is the item in correct visible position at scroll position zero (0). The drag proxy displayed is the correct item -- further befuddling the situation.

      Correct Behavior:

      I would like to be able to drag an object from my TileList into the Canvas drop area and have the correct item be dropped despite scroll position.

      I am not sure if it is an error in my methodology or a bug though I have searched google and the forums without much success. Admittedly, I may be using the wrong search string and will gladly accept a more fruitful search string.