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    looping only one layer

      I have made a flash movie with 7 different layers I have put a stop in my action script of all the layers i want to stop looping but there is one layer i wanted it to keep looping I havent added any action script to it but it also stops looping even though I havent told it to? I want this layer to keep running as it contains a symbol that should keep looping but doesn't any ideas?
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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          stop() commands apply to timeline frames, not layers. So if 6 of your layers have a stop() in the same frame, 5 of them add unnecessary weight to the file because 1 is enough to stop the show.

          To keep the item looping in the 7th layer, you need to create it as a separate movieclip first that contains the looping animation (or whatever) and then plant that in the 7th layer. That way, its timeline is not affected by the main timeline where the stop() is.
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